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How to do Keyword Research

Keyword research is done to find specific keywords or phrases that are commonly searched that relate to your website in order gain natural streamlined traffic. You’ll want to find the keywords that are relevant to you. So if you are in Japan for example, then you will want to do Japanese keyword research.

This step is the most critical aspect of creating a successful article marketing campaign and if often times where most article marketing campaigns fail. For this specific example we will use a website offering a dog walking service in Calgary, Alberta. Understanding local search engine optimisation can really help you when trying to develop rankings for particular areas.

1. Go to Google and enter the term dog walking service. You will notice the results are returned at approximately 6.7 million websites. This seems like a large number but is not the actual representation of its keyword competition.

2. Put quotations around the same phrase and search it so it looks like this: “dog walking service”. You will now notice that the number of result it returns is 63,900 websites. By putting the quotations your have told Google or any search engine for that matter to search the exact phrase “dog walking service”.

3. This Keyword has fairly high competition writing an article using this keyword may generate some traffic but it will be a lot of work to do so, be it in backlinks (which can be helped with the best backlink checkers out there) or across your own website. A great rule of thumb when finding a keyword or phrase is to find one that when searched with quotations returns lower than 5,000 results. This does not mean a keyword or phrase that returns 30,000 results is not something worth using the competition will just be tougher to rank on the first page of Google. Getting the keyword to suit your service will really help your SEO, especially if you’re thinking about using a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. Once you’ve found the right keywords, you can pass them onto a digital agency and they can create bespoke campaigns and ads designed around your keywords.

4. To do this it would be helpful to not only know how many times “dog walking service” gets searched a month but also any other similar keywords that get searched. Fortunately for us Google has a tool that allows you do this free of charge and takes less than a minute to do.

5. In a separate tab or window in your browser enter the following link.

Google Keyword Tool

6. You will see a box labelled Find Keywords; in that box enter the key phrase without quotations, dog walking service. Don’t worry about any of the other options for now and hit search.

7. A number of things happen when you do this. The first you will see in the list of results that is populates the key phrase “dog walking service” with some data attached to it. The first is a small bar graph that tells you how large or small the competition is for the first page ranking on Google. Generally half or below is a good place for it to be. In this example, it is mid-high competition. The second number indicates the number of times this phrase was searched on a global basis per month which is a high 12,100 times. The third number is based on the number of searches within your area or the area in which the term was searched. In this case the search was performed in Alberta Canada and returned 3,600. The final graph will show trends of your local areas search numbers for this past twelve months.

8. Next Google then produces a number of other terms that are commonly searched on Google and there relevant data. From what you learned in step five you know that though a keyword with high first page competition will bring you traffic it will take a lot of work to make this happen. With the keyword and phrase list Google produces you can find a keyword with lower competition and good traffic that will be a lot easier to get the first page ranking with Google. Take some time to examine the choice and find one you think might work.

9. For this example we have chosen “doggy day care”. This search term has a low competition a lot of global searches and local searches. First you will want to repeat steps two. You will notice that this keyword returns a really high number of approximately 106,000. This is a huge number and has you know this will be very tough to rank on the first page of Google.

After some practice and trying different keywords you will find some great keywords you can incorporate in your website that will bring you some targeted traffic. Good research will bring great results!

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