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Forum Marketing Tips

Forum Marketing is essential to success!

If you are not doing it already then you should definitely start. Online forums are amazing resources, tools, targeted website traffic generators and there are literally 1000’s of them in every niche you can imagine. It is an element you could ask about if learning about digital marketing from home via Sirius Design Group and similar services. Forum marketing is probably one of the easiest to gain some attention by professionals and consumers in your niche and is often times neglected or forgotten about. Many experts in marketing (similar to NGP IMC) use forums to great success to also funnel potential customers into different areas of their business. Here are some forum marketing tips that will help you make the best of your forum marketing campaign. You may also want to check out google reviews which is another great strategy for marketing success after reading the four marketing tips below.

Forum Marketing Tips:

  1. Post on Forums Related to your Niche: This cannot be stressed enough and is essential to your forum marketing success. For example if you are a dog walking service then you would want to post on forums about dogs. Better yet find a forum in your specific city where dogs are discussed and post there. To do this simply google “[your keyword] Forums”
  2. Don’t join to many at first:Though at first you may want to conquer the forum world it is important to build up a reputation first. In time you will be able to monitor multiple forums but learning one or two at first will help gain great reputations and some possible great allies in the online world.
  3. Use your signature but not right away!: This is important, so important that some forums don’t allow you to use your signature until you have had a certain number of successful posts with a positive reputation. This goes back to the reputation piece and how important it is to make sure people have good things to say about you. All forums are moderated and spammers are very common setting up profiles. Moderators in some cases interpret you creating a signature right away as spam and your IP address will get banned for life.
  4. Complete your profile: Before you start posting add as much of the profile information as you can. Your avatar or image is essential to your success. Posting an image can really help with your websites or businesses brand awareness. Also there are options in your profile to add your website. This gives you a valuable backlink to your site immediately. Not only that it will also show moderators that you are a real person and you are planning to become a serious contributor to their website.
  5. Read the rules and Introduce yourself:Know the rules of your forum and don’t break them. Sometimes things that you would not think of are against the rules and would contribute to you getting banned from a forum. Next go an introduce yourself in the appropriate forum location. Moderators love this because it gives them more reason to trust you and leave you be.
  6. Use your keywords in your signature: Once you have posted about 15 valuable posts or more to a forum its time to create your signature. This is where you link comes in and the traffic generator source. The more posts you have the more chances people have to click on your link. But what you need to make sure is that you use your keyword (ex. “dog walking service”) as the link anchor text. This will help for your search engine rankings and start building you solid backlinks.
  7. Post as often as you can: Visit the forum at least once a day and make at least 5 posts. Remember five posts translate to more targeted traffic and five more backlinks to your site which will eventually give your organic results in the search engines. In 10 days you will have gained 50 backlinks. Imagine committing to 10 posts a day or 15, 25 or 50! The possibilities are endless so make sure to frequent your forums.

If you follow these tips and make sure to use them when you enter the forum marketing world then I have no doubt you will succeed in gaining targeted traffic to your website. If you still struggle, however, it may be worth reaching out to a creative marketing agency to give a helping hand. In the meantime, Here are a few forums I have found helpful to me and giving me some great information on developing a solid online campaign.

  • Digital Point Forums – Great Forum all your online marketing questions
  • Why do Work – Forum that gives reviews on all the legit ways to make money online
  • – Do you think its a scam? Check it here and the answer will be there.

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