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Business Blogging

business blogging Business Blogging is one of the most effective ways of interacting with your target market and increasing your traffic to your business website. That is, if it is done properly. Where most people struggle is realizing that personal blogging and business blogging are two completely different things. Simple things like having a website that runs fast can be excused for a personal blog, but is inexcusable for a business blog (learn more about how to speed up wordpress here). However, there’s more to it than the technical side of the website; Business blogging is an entirely different style of writing. I almost consider personal blogs as more of a journal or collection of creative thought. For those who are interested in blogging there are web hosting reviews sites such as cirrus hosting review, that might be helpful when looking to start a blog whether a business blog or not. However, the different between personal blogging and business blogging is that Business blogging HAS to be a methodical well thought process that will convert your readers into paying customers. That’s why it might be worthwhile as a business to take a look at using something like a VPS – powerful and scalable system for your business website.
Specifically when you write a business blog post you are trying to illustrate a need in the market, a solution and some sort of plug for you or your income earning products that make this specific market need easier. It might be a good idea for you to do a bit more search into web hosting as this is something that will help you with your business blogging. Like did you realist that there are a load of different types of web hosting that can better suit your needs. For example, you could take a look at something like Certa reseller hosting to show you what else is out there to help improve your business if needs be.

That’s why I have created this quick example to effective business blogging that will have the proper SEO properties in place for it to gain you some potentially free search engine targeted traffic.


I recently just wrote a business blog post entitled Forum Marketing Tips – Market your Website using Online Forums and am starting to notice some real free traffic coming to it. These were my steps:

  1. First I went to the Google Keyword tool and enter a word or phrase about what you want to write about. In my case it was Forum Marketing. I saw at the time had 60,000 searches a month so I decided to write about this.
  2. Once you have found a keyword that you want to write about you need to come up with a title that has your keyword first. If you look at my blog post you will see its called ” Forum Marketing Tips | Market your Website Using Online Forums”. Note my keyword is the first set of words.
  3. Write a 350-450 word article with your keyword embeded in it naturally with about 1.7% density rate. If you look at my article you will see a forum marketing tips appear often in a natural way.
  4. Make sure the post follows the following schema:

    – Ask question or illustrate a need in the your market that someone can relate to
    – Give a brief but helpful solution or information
    – Make sure you let people know how you can help or how your product can

  5. Find an image that relates to what you are talking about, set as your featured image and name it your keyword. My image is called forum-marketing-tips.png
  6. Once this is all done you need to make sure your site’s title, meta keywords, meta description and permalink include your keyword. Most blogging software will have SEO plugins that will allow you to control this. I personally use a WordPress plugin called All in one SEO Pack. Also there is a great analytic program I use that offers a 30day free trial that will help you find errors in your on page optimization called SEOmoz.
  7. The final step is to make sure you backlink it, backlink it, backlink it…. You can do this by commenting on blog posts in your same niche, submit it to social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, Sharing it on your social media sites Twitter, Facebook etc.. or using the forum marketing techinques.

This will get you started in the business blogging world and over time you will see some great results. Below is a list of some blogs I personally frequent that has been helping me make the best of my business blog:

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