RSS Syndication – How it can Help your Small Business

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RSS Feed Syndication will boost your sites internet exposure!

Rss Syndication

RSS syndication(Rich Site Summary) is way of regularly delivering web content automatically that changes from day to day to various sources all over the internet. There are many websites that are sources of information such as news feeds, blogs and article submission sites that allow anyone who wants updated content to syndicate their website as an RSS feed. RSS feed syndication, is a powerful search engine optimization tool, as it allows others to view content of your website by distributing links on third party websites. In simple explanation, RSS syndication is a way to automatically deliver websites new content all over the web.

To further understand the RSS feed syndication, take an example a cartoon strip that is being drawn regularly by a particular cartoonist. In the past those who want to view the new cartoon being drawn everyday have to either buy the newspaper or follow their website through e-mail subscription. Unlike this particular cartoon strip, RSS syndication is not designed to make the end user have to buy a newspaper or even visit their website. However, it is a process that will allow you to follow the website and get updates without ever having to give your e-mail out. If your information is reliable and informative, this can make more people syndicate your content in their RSS feed while at the same time giving you some traffic, a high number of unique visits and backlinks to your site.

RSS solves some problems for people who access the internet on a regular basis. Because you get information from the website regularly, you need not visit all the sites individually just to view the latest information in their website through RSS feed Syndication. As mentioned you also don’t need to join their site and compromise your email just to retrieve information that you need. You can already get feeds from many large and popular websites even including the popular Yahoo News.

But how does RSS syndication really work? Lets say for example that you wrote a new post on your website. Of course, you feel that the article you wrote would be beneficial to many people and you want them to find it. This post will automatically be added to your RSS feed and anywhere you have syndicated it will also automatically update. This new post will appear first in your feed list and the followers of your RSS feed will then be able to see your update without having to visit your site. Another advantage of RSS feed syndication is that it allows anyone to easily add links to your content within their own web pages and thus creating more backlinks.

Here is an example of what an RSS feed looks like In House Web Solutions RSS feed. Also here are two examples of where I have syndicated my feed on a third party websites:

  • Hub Pages– Scroll to the bottom and see my latest blog posts
  • Squidoo– Scroll to the bottom and you will see me latest blog posts

These blog posts update automatically and will give me a steady flow of link juice.

Here is a list of a few other great places you can use RSS feed syndication:

Please keep in mind you will have to sign up for all these sites before hand.

As always inf you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to drop me a line. Also remember to leave a comment and grab your do follow backlink from my site!

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