How to ignite your social media campaign overnight!

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3 social media tips to increase engagement and reach

Social Media Tips

Everyone wants more likes, follows and social media engagement for their businesses,blogs and websites. This is why many go to to find a service that will look after all their Instagram-related needs. For those that don’t, I have noticed a major problem as most people are hitting a brick wall in growth after the first couple weeks. This is usually because they have exhausted their direct network (friends, clients, colleagues) and have trouble finding new likes or follows within their niche. This is easier said then done as it can take time and effort to build the relationships and following. Social media to me has always been something I neglected and put little effort into until recently. I also found websites similar to linktree that handle social media platforms all in one place allowing you to share all your content.

In less that a week and literally overnight I started to see real growth in my social media campaign with specific regards to engagement and reach. Below is a diagram from Facebook that represents my changes and in a few short days:

Social media tips

How did I do it?

The real secret is I just worked at it and was involved in conversations about my niche and made sure continuity across my networks with providing ample opportunities for people to find me on the various social media platforms. And sometimes, this could mean making an account on the many different platforms that are out there. Even video-sharing networks like TikTok can make the utmost difference when looking to increase your engagement and reach. Sometimes, some social media influencers may decide to look at sites similar to Gainmorefollowers to help them secure a decent following base, and the more followers you have, the more likely you are to become noticed on the different platform accounts that you have. It’s all about trying to attract more attention, and that’s why I’ve spent so long working on it. However I would be lying if I said I don’t use a few more handy tools. Below are three tips and methods I started using to ignite my social media campaign. Those interested in growing their presence on the Instagram platform organically may well want to consider a growth service like Nitreo with which to do this. Such people can check it out by following this link –

1.Its all in the profile

The most important thing I would stress is making sure your profiles on all the social media platforms are complete and your Bio’s include links to all your social media profiles. At the bottom of this post you can see an example of my Author bio where I provide three ways for you to follow me. In all the social media platforms you will be able to provide bio’s like this so that when people do find you they may follow you on other platforms as well. Surprisingly this is where I have found a lot of my most loyal followers that engage in my conversations. Some people really appreciate the bios and actually look for them. In my opinion these are the people you want and should strive for! So don’t forget to always add your bio everywhere!!!!

2. Its all about keeping to a schedule

Staying consistent and always sticking to your schedule is extremely important but can be hard if you find yourself occupied with other aspects of the business. I admit this is where I lose it and find very hard until I found a way to take care of it all and always post the same times everyday. Now before I explain how I do this you need to know I like to create a separate worded and unique post on every platform not just the same post that gets distributed by a mass social media automation program. I am a firm believer in unique is key especially when trying to engage people across social media networks. Basically all I do is late at night for about twenty minutes schedule my posts across for the day each platform (Facebook, Twitter, plus 1) a day. I schedule two or three a day then if I happen to see it or get comments all I have to do is try an answer through out the day which I mostly do on my phone in between meetings. Here are the exact ways I do the major three.

  • Facebook – Pages have scheduled posts built right in when you write a status
  • Twitter – Easy Retweet allows to do this and gain some reach as well
  • Google Plus – This is the easiest way,a href=””target=”_blank”>Doshare setup guide

Thisthree methods have allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business during the day while knowing my social media activity is consistent and unique
tp://” target=”_blank”>Empire Avenue and this site has brought me a lot of success. Basically you have a stock value assigned to you based on how active you are in all your social networks. Empire Avenue monitors whatever social media platforms you may use and then will give you price per share. As you grow people will invest inyou if they are intested in your niche will start following you. It can be complicated to understand at first but adding all your social media account and blogs is very simple and done in very little time. After that a good place to start is investing in other people and leaving a post to them that provides info on how to follow you online. After that all the features (especially the missions feature). If you need any help you can find me on empire avenue and add me as friend at (e)INHOUSEWEB

The second site is a powerful and increasing popular social media rating website called Klout. What Klout does is ranks your social media influence out of 100 and then gives you the opportunity to grow that by allowing others to give you influence points in various categories and niches. This one is really easy to link all your accounts and you will probably find a lot of yourcontacts are already on the site! Again if you need help with Klout then you add me as a friend at InHousesolution.

Helpful Resources

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