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Flip the Fear of public speaking is a book that was written by Julianne Kissack that aims to conquer peoples fear of public speaking in an easy to read and effective format. In House Web Solutions was hired to help design the website in order to maximize shareability and sales, give advice and hands on training on marketing the website via Google adwords and implment powerful search engine optimization techiniques for maximum visiblity.

Now in its first month at market the book is gaining some great traction with a commercial live on the CBC (which can be seen below) and with our help managed to get a press release live on the CBS website which can be seen here. Over the next couple of months there is with great confindence that Flip the Fear will be continue its positive growth and will become a one of the top ranking public speaking resources. Juliannes unique spin on the topic, availabilty in all formats (Paperback, iTunes, Kindle), her proven 5 step method and dedicated team (pat on the back to us and Green Movie Productions) is what will keep bringing this product up to the next level!

Go to http://flipthefearofpublicspeaking.com for more information and to buy the book today!

Meet Doug – CBC Commercial

Courtesy of Green Movie Productions Inc.

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