Calgary Web Development Training

You need more than just a website to succeed online!

A website is your online business card, but what good is a business card if you don’t hand it out to the right people?

It can be an attractive storefront, but how successful is a shop if nobody crosses the threshold?

It can tell your story or calm a crisis, inform your clients, the media, and community, but not if your voice is lost in a sea of other messages, and not if your site goes down all the time, either.

Driving targeted traffic to your site is integral to your success online, but can become costly when relying on external experts. Choosing a solid host (such as kynd host) is a good first step, but there are many others that come after that. Development of a streamlined campaign integrating all of the elements needed for success can easily end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. Since you want a targeted traffic you want to know that it is working. Some developers and business owners may look to software and tools such as this website monitoring tool
that may be able to help them track their traffic and see if their streamlined campaign is working.

This is why In House Web Solutions has developed a Calgary Web Development Training course at a great price, to give you all the tools you need to succeed online, ranging from search engine optimization to knowing how to design a shopify store. – IN HOUSE.

This course isn’t just for web developers or social media coordinators, this course is for anyone who is ready to feel more confident in utilizing the many ( often free) tools that can help to draw your target audience to your website.

Benefits Include:

  • 3 hours one-on-one consultation with an industry professional
  • 12 hours of group training delivered by an industry professional
  • Learn how to build and update professional websites quickly
  • Gain the knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Mastering the art of knowing exactly how to rank high on Google
  • Learning how to use all of Google’s free tools to improve your websites performance
  • How to driving targeted traffic to your website to increase sales with various marketing methods
  • The importance and implementation of a solid social media campaign
  • Having the confidence in knowing you are in control of your online campaign!

Our next training sessions will be available in September (Book now as they fill up fast!). If you are interested learning more about the program or interested in registering you can e-mail us at, fill out the online form here or call us at 403-607-4045. You can also take a look at the facility used for the training programs, the Kahanoff Centre.

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Training Structure

Upon order confirmation you will receive an e-mail with a link to our Getting Started Guide. This guide will ensure you are ready for the first group session and will be able to follow along if you bring a laptop. You will also within 1 business day receive communication from your instructor to schedule a 1 hour one-on-one consultation. In this session you will be guided through the steps in getting started and being prepared for the first group session.

After completion of the 3 training modules you will then have two one-on-one consultations with your instructor. In these consultations you will have all your questions answered to ensure your web campaign and all its components running smoothly. In House Web Solutions guarantees that you will have a professional website and targeted marketing campaign in place by the end of all 15 hours of instruction. In House Web Solutions will also provide on going lifetime e-mail support and lifetime access to a members only online support forum.